An Event of Nanguan with WANG XinXin , QingQing Sing

Venue: Recital Hall

An Event of Nanguan with WANG Xin-xin QingQing Sing


Traditional Nanguan songs

Fortunate Encounter with Spring
QingQing Sing
Hundreds of Birds Returning Nest


New works

Butterflies in Love with Flowers
in various versions by Chinese poets

Xinxin Nanguan Ensemble

Nanguan is one of the most ancient music genres in China, which can be dated back to the Tang Dynasty and has thus been regarded as a “living fossil”. As of today, it is still popular in China’s southern Fujian Province, Taiwan and Chinese communities in Southeast Asia. In recent years, this ancient art form has been undergoing a revival through the tireless efforts of musicians across the Taiwan Strait. With contemporary artistic input, Nanguan music shows dynamic vitality that marks its niche in the performing arts of today.

WANG Xin-xin was born and grew up in a family of Nanguan musicians in Quanzhou City of Fujian Province. Years of immersion in the art form and performing experience have made her the “orthodox” representative of Nanguan music in southern Fujian. In 2004, WANG founded the Xinxin Nanguan Ensemble of Taiwan with the mission of reviving the tradition of elegant music presented with the purest of voice and attempting to give Nanguan music a contemporary outlook. Since then, she has collaborated with artists of various genres, including choreographers WU Su-chun, LIN Hwai-min and LO Man-fei, costume designers Timmy Yip, Sophie Hong and CHENG Hui- chung, as well as Guqin virtuosos YOU Li-yu and HUANG Chin-hsin, etc.

WU Su-chun, Director

WU Su-chun is one of the most respected artists in the field of contemporary dance in Taiwan. She used to be the chairperson of the Department of Dance in Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) and currently a faculty member in the School of Dance of TNUA.

WU has been one of the founding members as well as principal dancers of the Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan and Taipei Crossover Dance Company, and has participated in many of their classic productions. She is best known for the leading role in The Tale of the White Serpent and for the role of the pregnant woman in Legacy from the Cloud Gate’s repertoire. For many years, she has collaborated with dozens of world-renowned artists and choreographers, performed in nearly 100 programs, toured to more than 20 countries across Europe, America and Asia, and danced on over 600 stages at more than 200 art festivals in Taiwan and around the globe.

In recent years, she has been dedicated to blending and reshaping traditional songs, dances and music into a new form of performing arts that is both modern and delicate, and thus becomes one of the pioneers as well as the most important driving forces of contemporary Nanguan musicals in Taiwan. Her works of Nanguan musicals include Yangexing (Sumptuous Feasting Song), The Dialogue of the Back Garden, Zhao-jun Departs for the Frontier, Legend of Rainbow Fairy, Forlorn-a Rhyming Song for Lovers, Homing Birds Nesting in Jhaishan, Pipa x 3, and The Poetry of Nanguan, among others.

She has also crossed over to other genres of arts to choreograph for Chinese operas such as Madame White Snake, Jade of He Shi and Yuchang Sword, the stage production of The Red Nose, the adaption of Roshomon for Chinese opera, and The Peony Pavilion, a Kunqu production by renowned writer PAI Hsien-yung. In 2010, she worked as the posture instructor for CCTV drama The New Dream of Red Chamber; in 2012, she designed dance and movement for Sun Fei-hu, the Bride Snatcher, a stage production of cross-Strait collaboration; and in 2014, she further led all the male dancers of Focus Dance Company to participate in the stage production of Crystal Boys.

WANG Xin-xin, Music Director

One of the most significant contemporary Nanguan musicians, WANG Xin-xin has been hailed as the leading figure in the innovation of the heritage of Nanguan music across the Strait.

Born in a family of Nanguan musicians in Quanzhou City of Fujian Province, WANG began learning Nanguan music at the age of four. Skilled in many musical instruments and most famous for her exceptional voice and singing skills, she is a rare all-round talent who “sits on all of the five golden chairs”. Since moving to Taiwan in the 1990s, she has been inspired by many contemporary artists in Taiwan, such as LIN Hwai-min, TONG Yang-tze, LO Man-fei, and WU Su-chun, and has been invited to perform at many important art festivals in Europe and America. Since founding the Xinxin Nanguan Ensemble of Taiwan in 2003, she has been dedicated to the innovation and collaboration of Nanguan music and other artistic forms and has established a unique style of integrating Nanguan singing and classic Chinese poetry. Her classic works are excellent and impressive in both sound and expression, such as Elegy on a Funeral for Flowers, Song of the Pipa Lute, and Forlorn-a Rhyming Song for Lovers, an adaptation of poetry by LI Qing-zhao, a female poet in the Song Dynasty.

In 2015, she tried for the first time to integrate modern poetry into Nanguan music in producing The Poetry of Nanguan based on YU Kwang- chung’s free verses. Her “Zen Series” includes such works as Pu’an-zou in Nanguan, Temporality and Nirvana-The Heart Sutra and The Universal Gate Chapter on Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

Renowned choreographer LIN Hwai-min has once said, “we waited in silence before she showed up; when she began to sing, we simply forgot where we were”.

Organizer: National Theater and Concert Hall
Production Team: Xinxin Nanguan Ensemble

◎Approx. 90 minutes including intermission

◎Performed in Taiwanese (Min-nan Language) with Chinese surtitles.

◎Age Guidance 6+

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