Invisible Cities - A Tale of Three Cities

2019/8/17(Sat. )2:30PM、7:30PM 2019/8/18(Sun.)2:30PM

National Theatre Institute Experimental Theater

NTCH Asia Connection Project

The Asia Connection is a three-year (2019- 2021) project connecting Asian allies to create a new vocabulary of art. We endeavor to explore Asian creativity to discover the future of Asian performing arts with the power of “We Art Together”.

Dimensionality of the Theatre in Inter-Asian Exchanges: From the Interchange Project of Theatres of Eastern Asia to Invisible Cities - A Tale of Three Cities

written by Chung CHIAO,Artistic Director of the Assignment Theatre

The idea of “Inter-Asia” – a term which literally means “inside Asia” – focuses on a constantly-moving state of exchange on equal footing. When this state stagnates, the “conversation” which is based on the medium of international relations will be lost. It’s a core concept for inter-Asian exchanges in the context of “cultural decolonization.”

From this point of view, the Assignment Theatre from Taiwan, Experimental Theatre of Busan, Korea, and M.M.S.T. from Fukuoka, Japan, joined forces to build a platform for exchange and performance in order to enhance inter-Asian communication.

Since 2016, we have focused on theatrical exchange revolving around the theme of “cities”. Curation aims to reflect upon the modernization of cities, avoiding being trapped by such myths as “art only” or “art should serve the market”, and preventing creativity from being restrained by these fallacies.

The “inter-Asia” which is portrayed here is not about the pyramidal setup of power. Its foundation does not consist of firm relationships in order to keep the upper layers stable. The creation of every theatre is allegorically:

A death which turns into the past because it has lived once.

A corrosion which let us know something existed before.

So all ends well in death and corrosion!


Tomohide MOMOSE

M.M.S.T was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in order to “establish contemporary theatre aesthtics.” Its work includes stage works, audio performances, and video installations. Tomohide MOMOSE is the current leader and resident director of the M.M.S.T He frequently opens up dialectical discourse about the specific status of bodies onstage in his works. At the same time, he handles various texts from the classical period to contemporary ones with his trademark distinctive sense for bodies. His work was awarded the “Best Work” award in the Competition of the Theatre held by the Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion of Fukuoka City.

Hyoyun YANG

Hyoyun YANG graduated from Kyungsung University with a double major in Drama and Dance. She is the playwright and director of the “Dongnyeok” Theatre. Her major works include Un ak (Best Picture Award of the 31st Korea Theatre Festival), HANARO Project Vol. 2 Drama (at the East Asia Theatre Network), and A Great Fall (the 53rd performance of the Busan City Art Organization).

Wei-lien WANG

Born in Taipei and raised in the new Hsin-Ho village near Nanjichang. Wei-lien is the grandson of the late General Cheng-chang WANG, while his father is one of the founding members of the United Bamboo Gang. After Wei-lien received his M.A. degree from the Department of Drama and Theatre at NTU, he joined the Critical Point Theater. From then onwards, he has worked avidly and innovatively in scriptwriting, directing, acting, tutoring, and lecturing for theatre. Wei- lien regards “being human” as a core tenet of the performing arts. He seeks novel and vivid theatre languages in cultural and social contexts. Recently he has used Analects of Confucius as a source of inspiration. Currently, Wei-lien is a member of the Little Theatre School, Lectures for Playgroups, Assembly at Lobby, and Weekly Mahjong Club.

Production Leader

Chung CHIAO (born 1956, Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan) is a playwright, theatre director, poet. He received his M.A. in Arts from Chinese Cultural University, and is currently the artistic director of Assignment Theatre.

Organizer: National Theater and Concert Hall

Special Thanks to: Assignment Theatre, Busan Cultural Foundation

◎Approx. 100 minutes without intermission
◎Post-talk: at the Experimental Theater after each performance
◎The program is subject to change

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