Skein Relations by I-Fang Lin

Venue: Experience Theater


As recent performances tend to be more interdisciplinary, this year, the NTCH has launched a new programming platform called “IDEAS Lab” to integrate the former “Innovations Series” (drama, dance and music). The IDEAS Lab has officially become one of the four major art festivals of the NTCH. The IDEAS Lab emphasizes the experimental spirit. Artists are encouraged to be rebellious as if in eternal adolescence. It invites artists to ask questions, fight against popular trends, and create innovative visions together.

The IDEAS Lab presents primarily works by local artists in Taiwan as well as local productions co-created by international artists. The festival also functions as a platform to recommend new artists and artists who collaborate with the NTCH for the first time. Starting from their own experiences and observations about life, the seven artists or groups in this year’s festival are proposing seven different directions of exploration in theatre with their productions that are “purely hand-made, purely innovative, and purely experimental”. Their works also reflect the issues and trends of our time.

LIN I-fang, an artist-in-residence of the NTCH in 2018, is a France-based Taiwanese choreographer. Skein Relations is the first time that she premieres her new dance piece in Taiwan. A coproduction among the NTCH, Le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes, and CND Centre national de la danse, Skein Relations will be touring France soon after its world premiere in Taipei. It is also part of the results of KAIDONG PROJECT, a collaborative project between the NTCH and Le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes.

About Skein Relations

What kind of ordinary element will affect an individual and then further change the mentality and physical dynamics of a whole group?

Skein Relations portraits the invisible restraint in human relations, and thus raises the question of emotional infection.

When sensory and emotional fluctuation overrides rational recognition to disturb our beliefs…

When collective vibration surpasses geographic and cultural boundaries to create resonance…

Will such disturbance leave some sort of … visible tracks that are irreversible in the space?

By adopting the “non-Newtonian fluid” as called by scientists, LIN I-fang sets the conditions for emotional infection on the stage to begin to explore our emotional fluctuation in both inside and outside. The fluid changes its density along with the intensity of the physical interactions among dancers. Such an environment for emotions to spread and extend turns the stage into an exhibition field full of vitality and meanwhile explores the vibration effects in both inside and outside.

Skein Relations invites audiences to jointly stretch their physical bodies, to extend their emotional infection in depth, and to connect with the harmonious integration between the world and us.

Major Creators

LIN I-fang, Choreographer

Born in Taiwan, and a French resident since 1989, LIN I-fang is a choreographic artist in France and internationally. Associate Artist of Scènes Croisées de Lozère since September 2018.

She has worked with Mathilde Monnier, Christian Rizzo, François Verret, Emmanuelle Huynh, Didier Théron, Jacques Patarozzi, Pierre Droulers, Dominique Figarella, Philippe Katerine, eRikm, Rinôçerôse, Louis Sclavis, Fabrice Ramalingom, Anne Collod, Didier Théron, Kosei Yamamoto, Sine Qua Non Art...

As a practitioner of the Feldenkrais method, LIN I-fang delivers training courses in France and abroad, including: ICI-CCN of Montpellier, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art Dramatique of Montpellier, Royaument Foundation, PREAC, CND of Paris, CND of Lyon, Charleroi Danse, the NTCH in Taipei, the Weiwuying in Kaohsiung, improvisation/choreography workshops, etc. She often blends Feldenkrais with dance.

Since 2010, she has coached a number of artists seeking to enhance their stage presence; Nicole Rechain, François & the Atlas Mountains, Didier Galas, André Dussolier and Maguelone Vidal. She explores physicality from observation and awareness through the movement.

In 2016, she creates En Chinoiserie and celebrates her next creation Skein Relations in May 2019 for the NTCH in Taipei, Taiwan.

Samuel Aden, Set Design

French-Somali, born in Vitry-sur-Seine in 1986.

A graduate of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Samuel Aden lives and works between Paris and Montpellier.

He has been participating in crafts, industrial projects and experimental art installations which includes craft research, contemporary dance, installations for music or theater, and applied research programs. In recent years, a set of projects has occupied a special place in his production; they share a common issue– synesthesia.

Écouter Autrement is a project developed around a holistic and phenomenological reflection on listening. The multisensory listening devices resulting from his research serve as vectors of exploration and of sound and sensorial discoveries. His works around sensorial perception have been exhibited in famous venues such as the VIA, Le Laboratoire, 104 in Paris, the Design House in Darmstadt, the Furniture Fair in Milan, and the Laeizhalle in Hamburg.

Today, his research Écouter Autrement has been acquired by the Philharmonie de Paris since its inauguration in January 2015. These tactile and sound perception tools are now in use on demand in educational workshops of musical awakening of the Philharmonie de Paris.

In 2018, the installation Silence en Mi Majeur (Silence in E Major) entered the permanent collection of the Musée de la Musique in Paris.

Thomas Foguenne, Music Design

Thomas Foguenne divides his time between Belgium, where he teaches musical analysis at Arts2 (Conservatoire de Mons) and Taiwan, where he writes and produces music for cinema, television, and also for theater and dance. His work has been awarded two Golden Bell Awards in 2016 and 2018.

SAM Hong-ling, Costumes Design

As an Assistant Professor of the Fashion Design Department, Shih Chien University, SAM Hong-ling's design concept is shaded fashion creation, focusing on different shades and light of life.

Ray Tseng, Lighting Design

A graduated from Taipei National University of Art with a major in lighting design. Ray Tseng has worked with various companies and productions. Among them, she’s toured with Tschüss!! Bunny by Dua Shin Te Production as technical director to BIDM in Korea, CCDF Dance Festival in HK, APPA in New York and Tanzmesse nrw in Düsseldorf.

CHANG Chien-hao, Performer

A graduate of Taipei National University of the Arts, CHANG Chien-hao is a dancer- choreographer and also Artistic Director of Chang Dance Theater. In 2016, he produced Passes Us By project commissioned by J CHEN PROJECT, New York; his work BOUT won Audience Prize in “Danse élargie” (Expanded Dance) organized by the Théâtre de la ville de Paris and LG Arts Center.

CHU Pei-rong, Performer

A graduate of the National Taiwan Normal University, CHU Pei-rong is a dancer-performer and collaborates frequently with the Cie Les petites choses production.

PAN Yu-hsun, Performer

A graduate of University of Taipei, PAN Yu-hsun is a dancer-performer. Ge organized “No-Style Jam” for the 2017 Nuit Blanche of Taipei. In 2016, he won the 2nd prize in Respect Culture x Challenge Cup; the 3rd prize in Trophée Master Toulouse world final. In 2015, he was awarded the 3rd prize in the Battle of the Year world final; champion in the WDG, China.

CHEN Yi-en, Performer

A graduate of the Dance Department of the National Taiwan University of the Arts. Between 2015 and 2017, CHEN Yi-en danced for the dance group Cloud Gate 2. In 2018, he obtained a grant from Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture for a residency at the Cité internationale des arts de Paris. He was awarded the 3rd prize in the 2018 Solo Dance Contest in Poland.

CHANG Wen-hao, Performer

A dancer-actor-videographer graduating from Shih Hsin University. In 2017, CHANG Wen-hao directed the music video Every Single Thing for the Canadian group Homeshake. He participated in Christian Rizzo’s dance work Le Syndrome Ian in Taichung.


Choreography: LIN I-fang(Association Maiastra)

Set Design: Samuel Aden

Music Design: Thomas Foguenne

Lighting Design: Ray Tseng

Costumes Design: SAM Hong-ling

Performer: CHANG Chien-hao, CHU Pei-rong, PAN Yu-hsun, CHEN Yi-en, CHANG Wen-hao

Stage Manager: HSU Cheng-lei

Technical Direction: Jessie Yang

Sound Technician: CHENG Nai-chuan

Technicians: CHANG Chih-i, CHANG Ning-hsiang, CHEN Po-gang, CHEN Yu-chun, HUANG Chih-hsien, TSANG Husan

Photography: LIN Yu-quan

Video Recording: Grain Studio

Performance documentation: VERY MAINSTREAM

Production Management: Project Zero

Production Coordinator: Shirley Chen


Kaidong French-Taiwanese cooperation for performing arts, phénix scène nationale European creative hub Valenciennes, CND Centre national de la danse, ICI - centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier - Occitanie, Scènes Croisées, La Maison CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie

With thanks to

Department of Safety, Heath, and Environmental Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

Organizer: National Theater and Concert Hall
Co-organizer: Taipei Hakka Culture Foundation

◎ Approx. 55 minutes without intermission.
◎ Baking soda will be used. Wearing a surgical mask is advised for potential allergic reactions.
◎ The performance contains flash light. Audience discretion is advised.
◎ This project is initiated by Kaidong French-Taiwanese cooperation for performing arts, phénix national scene European creative hub Valenciennes and National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei.
◎ The program is subject to change.

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