Taiwan Made by Yuju Lin

Venue: Experience Theater


As recent performances tend to be more interdisciplinary, this year NTCH has launched a new programming platform called IDEAS Lab to integrate the former Innovations Series (drama, dance and music). The IDEAS Lab has officially become one of the four major art festivals of NTCH. The IDEAS Lab emphasizes the experimental spirit. Artists are encouraged to be rebellious as if in eternal adolescence. It invites artists to ask questions, fight against popular trends, and create innovative visions together.

The IDEAS Lab presents primarily works by local artists in Taiwan as well as local productions co-created by international artists. The festival also functions as a platform to recommend new artists and artists who collaborate with NTCH for the first time. Starting from their own experiences and observations about life, the seven artists or groups in this year’s festival are proposing seven different directions of exploration in theater with their productions that are “purely hand-made, purely innovative, and purely experimental.” Their works also reflect the issues and trends of our time.

LIN Yu-ju was the 2018 NTCH Artist- in-Residence. During her residency, her work “Sponge” was invited to perform at Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine- Saint- Denis and Le Phénix Scène Nationale Valenciennes in France. “Taiwan Made” is LIN’s first full-evening piece.

About the Performance

A myriad of colors. Someone added a stroke of paint. Another added more stokes. And so on. After more than one hundred years, these colors have become intricately intertwined. Some are bright and beautiful. Some are dim and obscure. Some original colors are barely recognizable. There are visible lines, but how these lines are formed is unclear. Inside it, everyone can have a place. Many colors overlap together and become different hues and shades. What is this myriad of color? You may ask. Well, it is beyond description.

What kind of country is Taiwan? What are the customs and cultures in Taiwan? How many ethnic groups, cultures, and memories are interwoven in the island? What does it mean to be Taiwanese grassroots? What are left after the colonial experience? What kinds of people does Taiwan’s education make us? What parts of Taiwan lay carved in the marrow of Taiwanese bones? What are the origins of physical gestures and trainings that Taiwanese performers adopt? What does the existence of Taiwan mean?

It was during a trip abroad that LIN Yu-ju started to think about the meanings and connotations of telling foreigners that “I am from Taiwan.” How deep an insight do we have on such identification? Years later, this question has become the basis for the performance. During the Artist-in-Residence project period at NTCH, LIN decided to break her habits of creative process and work together with five performing artists (HUANG Huai-te, SU Pin-wen, HSIAO Tung- yi, LEE Lu, and WANG Chu-hua). They all have different backgrounds and styles, and she has never collaborated with any of them. Together, they try to revisit the personal and collective memories of growing up in Taiwan in the 80s. They reexamine the gestures of many Taiwanese and their underlying motives. Using body as a carrier of culture and a medium of expression, these performers try to find some clues, among the diversified lives and cultural footprints, with the intention to portray Taiwan.

About the Choreographer

LIN Yu-ju

Born in Hualien, Taiwan. Graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) with a degree in dance and the Graduate Institute of Dance Performance and Choreography in Taipei National University of Arts (TNUA). She is a choreographer, dancer, and educator. She started to choreograph since 2010 in the Young Star New Vision project of NCAF. Often taking off from personal experience and awareness she has accumulated at different stages of life, she then incorporates environment, space, and time, and transforms them into dance performances. She has worked with many choreographers, theatre directors, new media artists and fashion designers and participated in many cross-disciplinary projects. As an educator, in addition to teaching in schools for years, she is also very interested in arts education for the public. Since 2018, she has participated in the “And Fun Lab-non- visual creative workshop” which aims to share and inspire the general public as well as disabled people to partake artistic expressions.

About the Performers

HUANG Huai-te

Born in Changhua, Taiwan. Graduated from NTUA with a degree in dance. His home is very close to a hostess club, a lion-dance troupe, and a local temple. It can be said that Taiwanese culture runs rampant in his blood. People often comment that his dance performances are full of Tai-Ke spirit, regardless of the topics. This is all because he grows up in such an environment. In elementary school, without receiving any dance training, he imitated the choreography of a popular female singer and became famous in his school. In 2008 he graduated from NTUA and joined the Horse Dance Theatre in 2009. In 2015 he choreographed for Cloud Gate 2 for the first time. In 2016 his work was invited to perform at the Song Yan Creative Lab. Since 2017 he has rented a rehearsal studio in Banqiao and has become fully committed to choreography.

SU Pin-wen

Graduated from Nanhua University with a degree in philosophy and the Graduate Institute of Dance Performance and Choreography in TNUA. She is currently the artistic director of Kuabo Dance Theatre. She travels regularly between Chia-Yi and Taipei every week for 7 years. From 2013 she started to train in contact improvisation in order to improve her sensual abilities. Derived from the concept of human energy field, currently she is interested in the metaphysical training for performers and the development of one-to- one Touch Treatment, in order to look for more possibilities of body experiences. She is interested in gender equality and female issues. She regards dance as conceptual art instead of merely aesthetic experiences. Even though in 2017 she broke one ligament in her right ankle, she still keeps dancing every day, after all, dance is the only thing she loves with passion in her life.

HSIAO Tung-yi

Born in Changhua, Taiwan. Graduated from National Chengchi University with a BA degree in English, and the Graduate Institute of Theatre Performance and Playwriting with a MFA degree in acting. He is currently the creative director of Hao Hsiao Troupe. His co-creation can be seen in Hao x Hsiao “Space Nerds”, “Argo”, “Angry Nerd”, “God of Carnage”, “Dumb Lover”. Other acting works include Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group’s “Mythology Upon the Table”, “One Hundred Years Of Solitude”, “Caged Time”, Very Theatre’s “Chronicle of Light Yea: Linz”, Godot Theater Company’s “Haters Gonna Hate”, and King Kong Wave Production’s “Wet Dream Remix.”


Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Graduated from National Taiwan University with a BA degree in English and Arizona State University with a MA degree in Sinology and Chinese Linguistics. Life is full of absurdity and contradiction for her. She studied English in Taiwan and Chinese in the U.S. She loves the passionate Flamenco, but among peers she is a critical thinker who rarely shows emotion. In 2011 she established a Flamenco group “La Gitanita” in Taiwan so that she can dance and play music at the same time, and she can wander between different communities, cities and countries as a Flamenco performer. In 2017 she participated in the French choreographer Xavier Le Roy’s “Retrospectives” at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In 2018 she collaborated with the Butoh artist HSU Sheng-han in the marathon- like performance “White Resting in the Air”. In August 2018 she created an autobiographic Flamenco music-dance-absurdist theater “Islander” and won the Taipei Fringe Festival Fringe Awards.

WANG Chu-hua

Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from NTUA and currently working hard for her master’s degree at TNUA. Because of her dance- teaching aunt, she started her dance training since young age. She is currently a freelance dancer. She used to travel and dance abroad for quite some time, but after the age of 25 she tarted to focus on the collaboration with various hard- working but down-to-earth choreographers in Taiwan. She wants to dance in Taiwan. Her dance works include Shu-Yi and Dancers’ “Travel Project: 1875 Ravel and Bolero”, YANG Ming- lung’s “ No Name”, LIN Wen-chung’s “Long River”, Les Petites Choses production’s “Ache & Moan”, Assembly Dance Theatre × TIEN Hsiao- tzu’s “The Hole”, and LIU Yen-cheng’s “Dance Dance, Otherwise….”

Creative Team

HSU Yen-ting / Creative Partner

HSU Yen-ting investigates the cultural context and textures of sounds, her works often reflect the relationship between sounds, environment, individual/collective memory and the surrounding world from an alternative angle. Using field recordings as her primary source material with electronic sounds and objects, HSU’s exploration contemplates between the narrative and imaginary elements of recorded sounds under the form of audio documentaries, soundscapes, installations, experimental music and performances. She also collaborates extensively with dance theaters.

CHUANG Chih-heng / Lighting Design

Theatrical lighting designer, artistic director of Silver Lining Production. In 2017, CHUANG participated the World Stage Design 2017 Exhibition, and won the Bronze Award at the Professional Lighting Designer with the “Visible & Invisible” by Shu-Yi & Dancers company. In 2018, CHUANG co-created the immersive light installation art piece “Tree of Light/Tree of Life” with Taiwanese musician, LIM Giong, and exhibited on the 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Chiayi. In 2019, CHUANG published personal laser creation “Sundial of being” in “A Land of Happiness-2019 Treasure Hill Light Festival”.

HSU Chia-wei / Sound Design

HSU Chia-wei specialized in electronic music composition. He works as a composer based in Taipei. Several collaborations have been nominated by film awards. He has helped making the music for Golden Horse Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival.

ZHOU Xin / Visual Installation

Graduated from National Taipei University of Education with a double major in Language and Creative Writing & Art management.

A filmmaker whose passion for visual storytelling has pushed her to explore the possibilities of visual arts such as video arts, documentaries, immersive videos, and installations. Participated in Golden Bell awarded documentaries “About Twenties, and…” and “Au Revoir Mon Pays”, and was the script writer of the short film “Well Whale” directed by WU Misen.

TENG Hsiang-ting / Stage Manager

Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Working as Stage Manager, Production Manager and House Manger etc. Having participated in various productions in theatre, dance, music and events. Cooperating with many performing groups in Taiwan. Also having extensive experience in projects of international cooperation.


Choreography: LIN Yu-ju

Collective Creation and Performance: HUANG Huai-te, SU Pin-wen, HSIAO Tung-yi, LEE Lu, WANG Chu-hua

Rehearsal Assistants: HUANG Huai-te, WANG Chu-hua

Text: HSIAO Tung-yi, HUANG Huai-te, LEE Lu

Creative Partner: HSU Yen-ting

Lighting Design: CHUANG Chih-heng

Sound Design: HSU Chia-wei

Visual Installation: ZHOU Xin

Costume Consultant: LIN Sih-yu

Costume Assistance: SU Pin-wen

Stage Consultant: CHANG Keng-hua

Stage Design Realization: HOZEN.STUDIO

Stage Manager: TENG Hsiang-ting

Producer: PROJECT ZERO Performing Arts Management

Assistant to Stage Manager: LO Wan-yu

Master Electrician: WU Wan-ping

Sound Technician: YEN Hsing-yang

Technical Director: LI Po-han

Technicians: LI Jun-liang, YEH Wei-ting, HAN Kai, YIN Ko-ting, HSU Chun-feng, HSIEH Hsiang-hsuan, WU Hsu-huang, HUANG Yu-xian, WANG Yuan-hom, CHANG Ning-hisang, HO Hsin-yun, LAI Yi-qiao, CHEN Chu-lun, HUANG Yu-wen, ZHOU Zhi-hong, YU Po-kai, LIN Wei-chen

Photography: CHEN Chang-chih

Filming: One Work International Ltd

The early-stage development was partially supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan)

Organizer: National Theater and Concert Hall

◎ Approx. 70 minutes without intermission, latecomers will not be admitted.
◎ Performed in Mandarin and Taiwanese without surtitles.
◎ This production contains loud sound, strobe lighting and smoke, audience discretion is advised.
◎ Performance takes place in an open space without designated seats. Larger items are to be deposited at the front desk for the duration of the performance, casual wear and comfortable shoes are advised.
◎ The program is subject to change.

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