3peoplemusic & Wei-En Hsu "Misreading"

Venue: Recital Hall


As recent performances tend to be more interdisciplinary, this year NTCH has launched a new programming platform called IDEAS Lab to integrate the former Innovations Series (drama, dance and music). The IDEAS Lab has officially become one of the four major art festivals of NTCH. The IDEAS Lab emphasizes the experimental spirit. Artists are encouraged to be rebellious as if in eternal adolescence. It invites artists to ask questions, fight against popular trends, and create innovative visions together.

The IDEAS Lab presents primarily works by local artists in Taiwan as well as local productions co-created by international artists. The festival also functions as a platform to recommend new artists and artists who collaborate with NTCH for the first time. Starting from their own experiences and observations about life, the seven artists or groups in this year’s festival are proposing seven different directions of exploration in theater with their productions that are “purely hand-made, purely innovative, and purely experimental.” Their works also reflect the issues and trends of our time.


  1. Ancient work: Xian Xiang Shui Yun for zhongzuran solo, LIU Xing arr.
  2. YANG Tsu-yao: Esquisse d’Isaura pour di, ruan, zheng et piano (Commissioned by NTCH, 2019)
  3. Helmut Lachenmann: Guero für Klavier (1970/1988)
  4. CHENG I-lly / CHEN Wei-an: Misreading for 32 installed transducers, 4 surround channels, and projection apping (2019)
  5. Francesco Filidei: Esercizio di Pazzia II per quartetto (2014)
  6. CHENG I-lly: Dew for dizi and live electronics (2019)
  7. KUO Min-chin: Gray for xindi, zhongzuran and steel string zheng (Commissioned by NTCH, 2019)
  8. LIANG Zai-ping: The poem of the peaceful garden for steel string zheng solo.


Pianist/HSU Wei-en (1980-)

A graduate of the Juilliard School, HSU is an accomplished pianist, organist, conductor, répétiteur and composer. He is now an Associate Professor at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. A native of Taiwan, he received his BFA degree in Piano at Taipei National University of the Arts. Additional trainings at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, and Rutgers University.

HSU is the winner of many awards, including the 2010 Los Angeles International Liszt Piano Competition. In 2013 and 2017, he is appointed the official pianist in the Renée Fleming Masterclass in Hong Kong, as well as in the 2018 Hong Kong International Operatic Singing Competition. He was elected in 2017 as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM) for his contribution to the music profession and community. In 2018, he was named the 2018 NTCH Artist in Residence in Taiwan. (http://weienhsu.com)


A creative trio of three traditional Chinese instrument musicians – guzheng artist KUO Min- chin, zhongruan player PAN I-tung, and dizi/ xiao performer JEN Chung – is a unique chamber music ensemble that combines expertise in the classical Chinese music with contemporary perspectives. Since its founding in 2013, 3peoplemusic has been striving for a brighter future for the development of traditional Chinese music instruments in Taiwan’s current music scene, focusing on areas including the performance type, the composing style and the group’s own image and branding. With their outstanding performing skills, richly diverse and refined notes, and a repertoire encompassing a variety of styles and genres, the trio freely roams from improvisation to cross-genre performances, and from contemporary works to world music. Their performances trenscend the gaps of generations and the barriers of borders in its demonstration of the bountiful versatility of traditional music and instruments.

Zheng, KUO Min-chin (1986-)

Born in Yilan, Taiwan, KUO graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts with a Master degree in the Chinese Music Department, and Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Currently, KUO is the head of 3PEOPLEMUSIC, the member of C-CAMERATA TAIPEI, and lecturer in Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Now KUO is studying composition with Dr. CHOU Chiu-yu.

KUO has won numerous awards, including the first prize of “2016 TCO (The Taipei Chinese Orchestra) International Composition Competition”, the winner of the “New Artists” award sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in 2014, NTCH’s “Young Stars” series in 2013 and 2011.

Recently, KUO is commissioned by Taiwanese music groups and also collaborates with different performers, composers and cross- field artists. Nature in heptatonic scale zheng was published in 2014 and the same name album was released in 2015. The album was nominated for the 27th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional and Music - Best World Fusion Album.

Zhongruan, PAN I-tung (1987-)

Born in Keelung, Taiwan, PAN I-tung graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music with an MA, and Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Currently she is the music executive producer of 3PEOPLEMUSIC.

PAN is the winner of NTCH’s “Young Stars” series in 2012, “Star of TNNUA” in 2007, performed Memory of Yunnan Zhongruan Concerto and the video has hit hundreds of thousands views on YouTube. The champion of National Student Competition of Music for College -Ruan Xian section in 2007.

In addition to playing zhongruan in 3PEOPLEMUSIC, PAN also tries to compose The Sensation of the Pentatonic Scale, The Dream of Jiangnan, etc., and she also collaborates with ensembles of diverse artistic styles. PAN has toured around Europe, America, and Asia. She was highly acclaimed as the “Asian Eddie Van Halen”.

Dizi & Xiao, JEN Chung (1985-)

JEN Chung is from Taipei, Taiwan and graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts with a Master degree in the Chinese Music Department, and Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Currently he is the music director of 3PEOPLEMUSIC, member of Vita Eterna, and adjunct teacher of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts.

As a student, he had won the prize of Chiuko Traditional Orchestra’s “New Talent” series in 2012. Champion of New Art’s “Star Show” competition in 2007. Santa Fe’s Minister of Culture described his performance as “JEN Chung crosses the boundaries between east and west via music, and his performance is very touching.”

In recent years, he has invited by Taiwanese music groups and performers to commission. Arrangements and music works for 3PEOPLEMUSIC: Slowly Rowing on Jasmine Waves, Two Pieces -Amoeba and Spray, Whispering Hope, Cloudy Day etc…

Organizer: National Theater and Concert Hall

◎Approx. 60 minutes without intermission, latecomers will not be admitted.
◎The program is subject to change

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