Allegory of the Cave

Venue: Experience Theater


As recent performances tend to be more interdisciplinary, this year NTCH has launched a new programming platform called IDEAS Lab to integrate the former Innovations Series (drama, dance and music). The IDEAS Lab has officially become one of the four major art festivals of NTCH. The IDEAS Lab emphasizes the experimental spirit. Artists are encouraged to be rebellious as if in eternal adolescence. It invites artists to ask questions, fight against popular trends, and create innovative visions together.

The IDEAS Lab presents primarily works by local artists in Taiwan as well as local productions co-created by international artists. The festival also functions as a platform to recommend new artists and artists who collaborate with NTCH for the first time. Starting from their own experiences and observations about life, the seven artists or groups in this year’s festival are proposing seven different directions of exploration in theater with their productions that are “purely hand-made, purely innovative, and purely experimental.” Their works also reflect the issues and trends of our time.

About the Performance

“For those who are subject to the realm of the senses unconsciously, are those who lost freedom.” Have you heard about Plato’s allegory of the cave? The prisoners in the cave are physically chained and impassively perceiving the projections of light, shadow, and sound. These restricted information gradually evolve into their reality, tying their knowledge with a metaphysical chain. In this environment, your capability of thinking and adventure are not required, while your safety of life is absolutely guaranteed. Here comes the question, if you are one of the prisoners, will you be courageous enough to break the chain, and turn to the new world?

In the allegory, Plato tries to tell us, if we want to know the essence of truth, we need to turn, not physically, but spiritually.

Everyone has to communicate and get along with the inner self. What’s in our way, is not the variable from outside world, but ourselves. Through Plato’s cave, this production tries to present everyone’s comfort zone. As we grown up to be an adult, we are tamed by the regulation and boundary of the society, which develops into our comfort zone. However, are we really comfortable? When listening to different opinion spoken from inner part, when recognizing our own different faces, when encountering the conflict from within, maybe our comfort zone is collapsing, but we may also be released. Or maybe, we are simply transferring from one cave to another...

Let the body collided. Make the sound organic. Here the percussionist and the dancer join hand to create the sound and choreography together, inviting you to get rid of the awareness received from five senses and walk into this cave built with new concept. Following the movements of light, shadow and sound, perhaps you will find a whole new perspective.

About the Performers

HSUEH Yung-chih

Percussionist. Master of the Graduate Institute of Orchestral instruments, TNUA. HSUEH is often invited to collaborate in multidisciplinary dance and theatre works. Recent works include: Trans journey future music media festival, Young Stars New Vision Series Parody, Project of percussion and technology art—The phenomenon of misplaced (first prize in 4th Digital Art Awards Taipei of 2013), Bordered Creations by Mauvais Chausson Dance Theatre, Innovation series of music by NTCH including iOFloat & Jorinde Jankowski, Tribute to the Contemporary Epoch, In the Eyes of the Nomads, The Pilgrimage, A Playground of Parameters, Concert of Machines. Sha has also been invited to perform in Lacking Sound Festival, Tokyo University of the Arts, Kuala Lumpur Experimental film, video & music festival, as well as Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival. In recent years, she is dedicated to sound art, contemporary music and multidisciplinary performances.

WANG Wen-lin

A southern soul from Taipei, Wen-Lin graduated from NTUA dance department. Full of curiosity, passionate for anybody-related performance and choreography, and also a stills photography enthusiast. With a fearless heart Wen-Lin is open to any invitation and form of performance.

Has cooperated and performed with Tang Yi Dance Company, Know Theater, Mauvais Chausson Dance Theatre, Wen Shyang Dance Company, Belgium Need company and Les Petites Choses Production and also with individual artists Jan Lauwers, ZHANG Xiao-xiong, WU Yi-san, LIN I-chin, CHOU Shu-yi, WANG Yu-kuang, SU Ping-wen, CHANG Ting-ting, CHEN Yeng-bing, etc.

  • 2016 Bejing Dance Festival Dancer/ Choreographer solo piece WANG Wen-lin and CHANG Hui-wang
  • 2016 15th Taiwan Tai shin Art Award nomination for choreographed piece Gue
  • 2017 Taiwan International Festival of Arts Dancer with Need company The time between 2 mistakes
  • 2018 participated in America Dance Festival International Choreographer residency program

CHANG Yu-chia

Theatre Playwright and Director, the artistic director of ESP-I performing arts group, also the member of World Wide Lab. CHANG is one of theatre director who owns multidisciplinary background combining music, dance, and theatre altogether in Taiwan. She is expert in theatre, multidisciplinary and immersive space creation. Her research focus on performer’s organism, and their technique of “flow”. In 2009, she was awarded by Asian cultural council. In 2015, she was nominated as candidate of Mentors & Protégés program of Rolex. She also worked as rehearsal assistant of American director Robert Wilson. In 2011, she was selected as artist in residence in The Watermill Center. Her creations hit nail on head, boldly discuss the private topic of humanity in society. In 2010, she was invited to Lincoln Center to lead “Meditation in acting training” workshop for local theatre directors and performers. The workshop was highly praised and was applied to the rehearsal and performance. Moreover, with her profound experiences in cross- cultural collaboration, she founded cross-cultural creative Lab (CCLab) in 2013 and continue the collective works with artists from all over the world every year.

Recent works include: Innovation series of music by NTCH- Concert of Machines. (2018, Taipei), Between two breaths in Superior Theatre Festival (2018, Canada), site-specific theatre Legend of Hakka Flower, in the hakka tung blossom festival (2018, Zhubei), Class Reunion by Taipei Male Choir (2017, Taipei), The Other Shore (2017, Canada), In Transit (World Wide Lab 2016 in Taiwan), KuaFu (2014-2016, Roma, Taipei, New Taipei), Pinocchio (2015, Taipei), Aristophanes: Lysistrata (2015, Greek), Unspoken Truth (2014, Taipei Arts Festival).

Organizer: National Theater and Concert Hall

◎Approx. 60 minutes without intermission

◎The program is subject to change

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